Mobile Bill Pay - FAQs


How are my bills paid? Electronically, ACH or Paper Check?

All bills are paid using ACH where possible, however if you would like to pay a person or vendor who cannot accept an ACH transfer, a paper check will be mailed on your behalf.


Does the payment arrive on the payment date that I choose?

The payment is processed and sent to arrive on the date that you have chosen. Due to the process involved, Texas Trust cannot guarantee that your payment will arrive and be credited on the date you choose, so we recommend that you schedule your payment early enough to avoid any adverse action if the vendor takes a few extra days to credit your payment.


How can I do a mobile bill pay?

Through mobile bill pay you can:

  • Schedule a new payment to be made to an existing payee.
  • See your bill pay history and scheduled payments.
  • See a listing of the payee’s you have entered previously.
  • View any recurring monthly payments you’ve established through online bill pay.
  • Add a new payee.


Can I add a new payee through mobile?

Yes! You can add a payee in the app.


Is there a limit on how large of a payment I can make towards a bill?

For security, the mobile application will only allow you to make a maximum payment of $2,500.

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