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Mobile FAQs

Mobile FAQs

You can access mobile banking as long as you have an active Home Banking login. That means that you need to sign up for Home Banking on a desktop computer first, before attempting to access a mobile app.
The mobile banking applications and mobile banking website secure all data transmission with 128-bit SSL encryption. In simpler terms, that means it’s just as safe as your desktop Home Banking session.
Depending on your security settings, your phone might not store certain data from our mobile website, or the information might be deleted. In that case, you’d simply have to re-enter your login information.
To help keep your accounts secure, you’re automatically logged out of your mobile app after twenty minutes. This helps prevent anyone from accessing your accounts if you leave your phone unattended after using mobile banking.
No! While you can see all of your accounts through your mobile apps, that data is not stored on your phone. You must be logged into the mobile app to view it.
We recommend changing your Home Banking password on a desktop computer immediately. This will prevent anyone from accessing your accounts using your old password. You can also call your carrier to see if they can deactivate your phone.
Since your mobile app uses the same login as Online Banking, you can lock yourself out of your accounts if you login unsuccessfully too many times. Simply call the Call Center to have your account unlocked.
Currently, our mobile apps don’t support Bill Pay. However, we are currently working on solutions including Bill Pay, remote deposit capture, and more! Be sure to check back soon for more information on future updates.
When you first log into a Texas Trust mobile app, you need to validate your phone.

  1. First, you should enter your Home Banking login and password, just like you would on a desktop computer. A prompt will flash up and let you know that a one-time PIN has been emailed to you.
  2. Check your email. You’ll find an email from Texas Trust that contains your four digit access code (for example: 1234). To complete your first time login, just re-enter the app, enter your login, and then enter your password with the pin added to the end (for example: password1234).
  3. After that, your device is validated, and you can continue to login using your normal Home Banking login and password.
The one-time access code will be sent to the email account set up in Home Banking. If you’d like to change that email address, simply log into Home Banking from any desktop computer and change it under Settings.
Yes. But please note that it takes extra time for these balances to be updated in your app. If you’ve made a payment recently, it may take up to two days for your payment to be reflected in your history.
While you can view your mortgage and credit card activity through the mobile app, we don’t support payments at this time.
Available balance is the balance in your account minus any preauthorized or pending everyday debit card purchases and check holds. A three day hold is placed on all debit card authorizations. Once the merchant processes the actual charge, the authorization amount is released.

Please note merchants do not always process transactions within three days. Everyday debit card authorization holds will still be released after three days. In which case, you are responsible for accounting for those unprocessed everyday debit card purchases in your available balance.
An authorization may vary from the final purchase amount when there is an estimated authorization amount or a tip is involved. For example, at a restaurant the authorization is requested prior to the tip being added. The final purchase amount will include the tip and will be deducted from your account.

At the gas pump, an initial authorization is requested prior to dispensing fuel and determining the final amount of the purchase. When you pre-pay for gasoline at the pump, the gas station doesn’t know how much gas you’re going to buy. Stations want to make sure you can afford to fill up—so they authorize holds of $50, $75, even $100, which will fall off after the gas company processes that transaction (this may not happen immediately).

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