Sponsorships and Volunteering

We are no longer taking requests for 2023 sponsorships. Please submit your 2024 sponsorship request by sending an email to sponsorshipcommittee@texastrustcu.org

Texas Trust Credit Union has a rich tradition of supporting educational, community and civic endeavors. Sponsorship dollars go to programs that make the most impact in our branch communities. Although we respect all worthy projects, we must limit the scope of our support to requests that are responsible, sustainable, and consistent with our mission to “Build Brighter Financial Futures.”

Volunteer Opportunities

The Texas Trust Credit Union Community Unity Team is dedicated to providing volunteers for your community event, school, or organization.

Sponsorship Requests Eligibility

We give preference to organizations that have a 501 (c) (3) status, ISDs, schools, colleges and universities who are located in our market areas.

Must meet one of the following criteria

  • Financial education, focusing on youth and adult financial well-being
  • Community development and enhancement
  • Prevention and treatment of diseases
  • Supports Texas Trust Credit Union's mission, vision, and values


We do not support

  • Contributions to organizations or causes that do not impact our service areas
  • The promotion of religious or sectarian causes
  • Individual endeavors or needs
  • Trips, tours, or conferences
  • Traditionally parent-supported organizations (little leagues, scouts, etc.)
  • Groups that serve as intermediaries (raising money for other organizations)


Important Considerations

  • Preference will be shown to requests submitted from organizations that are Texas Trust Credit Union members, or from individuals who are TXTCU members and are closely associated with organizations that address our strategic priorities.
  • Volunteer request fulfillment is based on availability.
  • Please give ample time for a review of your request. A minimum of 60 days for review and action on your request is required.
  • Our giving program is budgeted annually and is subject to the availability of funds.
  • We do not grant multi-year commitments, and the granting of funds one year does not guarantee future funds will be granted.
  • Additional documents will be requested upon approval:
    • Invoice with itemized list of sponsor benefits
    • Number of volunteers needed and brief job description
    • Follow up communication after event noting event attendance and net proceeds


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