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My Finance

My Finance (PFM Tool)

At Texas Trust Credit Union, our mission is to Build Brighter Financial Futures. One of the ways we are empowering our members to get their financial lives in order is with a bonus feature on our Online Banking site. The My Finance Tool is a personal finance tool provided to all members, for free. The My Finance Tool helps our members by tracking finances, monitoring spending habits, and setting financial goals. It’s your very own personal finance tracker and it doesn’t require any extra fees or signups.

Money Monitoring

The My Finance Tool will track your income and expenses, to give you a straightforward overview of your account balances and money habits. The My Finance Tool will also track your net worth, by comparing your assets (accounts, investments, insurance, etc.) with us at Texas Trust versus your liabilities (credit cards, loans, bills, etc). Debating on making a purchase? With the Money Minder Tool, you can enter an item and its cost, plus indicate from which account you would make the purchase, and it will give you advice on whether the purchase would be a good one or if you should just pass on the purchase.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Do you have trouble with sticking to your financial goals? With the My Finance Tool, you can also enter in a savings goal and it will calculate your monthly contribution amounts, as well as monitor your progress towards that goal. It’s an easy and fast way to monitor and stay true to your financial goals.

Building Brighter Financial Futures is within the DNA of Texas Trust Credit Union. From financial services to the My Finance Tool, we strive to help you improve your financial life every day.

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