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What is FiTT?
FiTT is Financial Fitness with Texas Trust Credit Union. FiTT provides your employees with a structured financial wellness program and the benefit of a Texas Trust membership. FiTT gives them the tools they need to make smart and healthy financial decisions.

Employees who are financially healthy are happier – on the job and at home.

Customer Acquisition

Through Texas Trust’s myDiscounts portal, partners promote special offers to our 73,000 members, potential customers they might not otherwise reach. In addition to this, Texas Trust features a "Partner Spotlight" in their bi-monthly newsletter, focusing on a particular business, and the benefits that the featured company brings to the community to which they belong.

Employee Happiness & Productivity

According to a Virginia Tech University study, one in four American workers are seriously distressed about their personal financial situation. Of those distressed workers, up to 80% spend time at their jobs dealing with, or worrying about, financial issues, thus lowering productivity and costing you – the business owner - money.

Texas Trust partners with you to alleviate your employee's financial stress, thus raising productivity and improving your bottom line. Texas Trust provides seminars, forums, and online materials that give your employees the tools and information they need, not just more questions. Best of all, the information is brought to the employees through you, in effect providing additional benefits.


The impact your company makes on a community is more than just economic. The community’s perceptions of your business, your employees, and their families can have a major impact on your company's brand. Texas Trust works with its partners to increase the positive impact of community perception through:
  • Joint effort public works campaigns (like area food drives)
  • Community collaboration projects
  • Community endorsements
  • And more
Maximizing your efforts in these areas doesn’t have to be done alone. Mutually beneficial partnerships that improve each of these three facets can help a company achieve a higher level of performance. That’s FiTT.
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