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Checking20 Frequently Asked Questions

Checking20 FAQ

What is considered an active Credit Card?

As long as it has been used at least one time it is considered active.

Does the balance on the credit cards count toward the loan balance bonus?


If a member has multiple checking accounts under one (1) account number, what checking account will the bonuses post to?

The oldest account, unless otherwise requested by the member.

Does the primary member have to do the 10 debit card transactions totaling $100 to receive the debit card discount?

No, all debit transactions will show as one. There is no card number associated with the debit processing.

What is the calculator for, and where is it located?

It is a visual sales tool to show you how to get discounts and bonuses. Click here to use it.

Where do I sign up to stop receiving paper statements in the mail and when do I receive the discount?

In Online Banking. Your discount will be one month after turning paper statements off. Ex.: If you turn off paper statements in July, will see the discount on your August statement.

When does the cell phone protection coverage start with ECC?

Coverage starts when a bill is paid through your TXTCU account to the phone company.

Can I have cell phone coverage with ECC and still keep my current coverage through my phone company and use both coverages for a claim?

Yes and Yes.

What happens to my Eagle Member Status?

That is a great question; we would be more than happy to review your relationship with you. If you have a moment, let's review your accounts to ensure we understand what benefits you were using.

My account has always been free. Why do I have to pay now?

That is a great question; if you have a moment, let's sit down and see how we can reduce or offset the fees and possibly even earn you some money. Our new checking account allows you to customize your services and rewards you for using all of our services.

This is way too complicated.

We have some very simple ways to reduce the cost of the account or customize your services and even earn a bonus by adding a loan or credit card to your account, if you have a moment, we would like to show you how. Or, use this simple calculator to see how you can save.

I am a member and I did not vote for this.

These decisions are made with you – the member – in mind. This account provides benefits and rewards to smart, committed Texas Trust members and is customizable to your needs.

I don't feel safe having my financial information online.

We understand your concern. We would like to take the time to address your concerns and show you how online banking works. Receiving your statement is much safer online than it being delivered to your mailbox. Then we can look at some other ways to offset the fees and maybe even make you some money!

My employer doesn't offer direct deposit for my paycheck.

We have a terrific solution for you with this new checking. Depositing via the mobile application will now count as a direct deposit. Mobile deposits with the mobile app now count as direct deposits.

a.) Why would I open an account here and have to meet these qualifications each month? b.) I have a free account with Bank X and I don't have to worry about it.

a.) This account has other built in benefits that most other financial institutions do not offer, such as earning up to $20 a month in cash bonuses, cell phone coverage and free IDProtect coverage. You can also offset your monthly fee to zero b.) Having a checking account at Texas Trust will allow you to qualify for up to $20.00 in bonuses each month as well as cell phone insurance and ID Theft Protect for no additional charge. You can also offset the $6 fee by simply using your account with our convenience products.

I only got this account to get a discount on my loan. Now I have to pay for the account or lose my loan discount?

You will not lose your current discounts, as long as you keep the checking active. By using additional eServices such as paperless statements, debit card use, or direct deposit, you can greatly reduce or eliminate the fee. Or, use this simple calculator to see how you can earn.

I don't want a debit card; I only use cash. I don't want people seeing where I spend my money.

Let us show you the security features of using your debit card. Using a debit card allows you to easily budget and track your spending habits.

I've been here for years, does that count towards anything?

Yes! If you have been a member for five years or more, you are eligible for a fee discount. Use this calculator to see what discounts and bonuses you get.

Are bank checks (Teller Checks) still free for all members


How do I order/reorder checks?

Deluxe is our preferred check printer. You will be securely transferred to their check ordering website.
Click Here to Order/Reorder Your Deluxe Checks.

How will Business accounts be affected?

They will not change at this time.

Will business relationships offset personal fees?

No. We would be more than happy to review your personal account to ensure we are maximizing all of the discounts to offset the fees and possibly even earn some money.

Why does my monthly fee fluctuate?

Discounts and bonuses are based on your account activity reported each month. Your activity and balances may change, which could affect the total of your monthly account fee.

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