9 Graduation Gifts That We Love (And 1 That Graduates REALLY Love)

Graduation time is upon us and that means yet another season to find that “perfect gift.” Whether the graduate in your life is graduating high school or college, these gifts are sure to be loved by all (and one that they will really REALLY love!).

High School Graduate Favorites:

1. Laundry Day Piggy Bank

If you have a graduate heading to college, let’s face it: Chances are pretty high that doing laundry is probably going to be one of the first things they dread doing not long after they move into their dorm room. And with laundry machines averaging around $3 per load, the cost can add up. Give them a head start by filling up a piggy bank (or decorated Mason jar, or even an empty laundry detergent container if you want to be unique!) with lots of quarters. They’ll definitely appreciate not having to cash in their valuable $1 bills every trip.

2. Microwave Pasta Pot

Food is expensive. And college days are definitely a time when being frugal with your food budget is welcome (and often a necessity). Most times, college dorm rooms don’t really have space for a full out kitchen but small items like microwaves are fine. Instead of warming up costly TV dinners, allow your college-bound kid to expand their cooking options with a microwave pasta pot. This will allow them to get creative with just a few inexpensive ingredients. A small box of spaghetti noodles, a can of tomato sauce, and some parm will run them less than $5 and can last a few days! Macaroni noodles, butter, and shredded cheese? That’s pennies on the dollar for multiple servings of mac and cheese! The possibilities are endless.

3. First Aid Essentials Care Basket

There is going to be a time where your graduate will hurt themselves or get a bit sick. A first aid essentials basket can help them nurse themselves back to health in no time. Make sure to use basic first aid items like Band-aids, rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, and ACE elastic bandages.  And don’t forget over the counter medicines like pain relievers, cold medicines, and allergy meds. They will definitely appreciate it when the time comes.

4. Office Supplies Jar

Long gone are the days of school supply lists. And don’t think they can ask their professor or fellow student to lend them pens and paper every time. It’s every student for themselves. Make sure they’re ready for the first day of class by stocking them up with a jar (or box or bag) filled with essential items. Pens, pencils, markers, and paper are good starts but think a bit outside of the box as well. Scantrons and test books are sure to be essentials, as students often have to supply their own in college. Don’t forget a few USB drives for those important projects and highlighters for studying.

5. Dorm Tool Kit

Will your student have posters or pictures to hang in their new living quarters? What about assembling a new desk chair or small bookcase? Equip them to be the resident handyman on the dormitory floor with a small dorm-friendly tool kit. A small hammer, a screwdriver, a measuring tape, and even some Command poster strips and hooks can help them tackle all of their dorm improvement projects.

College Graduate Favorites

6. Business Card Holder

Your college graduate has already secured their post-college job! Celebrate this next stage of their life with something they are sure to use from day one. A nice business card holder can carry them from entry level to the board room. Consider personalizing it with their name or initials to give it an extra sweet touch.

7. Coffee Maker

Runs to the local coffee shop can add up quickly. Help your college grad cut down on their caffeine expenses by getting them their own coffee maker. Bonus points if you also supply some coffee and additionals (creamer, sugar, flavored syrups, the works!) to go with it.

8. Luggage

A lot of college grads are excited to see the world once they have finished school. Whether they are traveling for a new job or just want to explore, celebrate their journey into the next stage of life by getting them a solid set of luggage. A personal bag, carry-on, and a large suitcase are a great start. Don’t forget to add some luggage tags in the mix.

9. Vacuum

OK. This one seems a little out there on first glance but let’s face it. A good vacuum is a welcomed gift.  And a good vacuum can last for years and years. This is probably one gift that won’t be duplicated but will always be appreciated. You never realize how much you need one until its too late.

The #1 Gift Loved By All Graduates

10. Money

Yup. Cold, hard cash still reigns supreme. And whether it’s actual cash, gift cards, digital payments (CashApp anyone?), this gift will always be valued, on-time, and will never get old.