Beware of Spoofed Calls form Fraudsters

By Texas Trust Credit Union | February 6, 2024

Fraudsters are employing new techniques to scam innocent victims every day. If you receive a phone call from Texas Trust and suspect that it may be a scammer, hang up immediately and call us at one of our official phone numbers which can be located on our website.

We are aware that there has been a rise in spoofed calls. In addition to our members, several employees have also received calls from individuals claiming to be from Texas Trust's fraud department.

Don’t automatically assume the credit union is calling you, even if Texas Trust Credit Union appears on the caller ID or you have our number saved in your phone; fraudsters can easily spoof this information. 

All Texas Trust debit and credit cardholders are automatically enrolled in our fraud monitoring system. We will never call you to offer fraud alerts, nor will we call you to participate in any fraud alert “testing.” In addition, Texas Trust will never call you and ask for your Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), online banking username, password, or debit/credit card information. If you are scammed into giving up a verification code or your PINs, call the credit union immediately so we can lock your account and investigate.

Thank you for your membership.