Goodbye, Checking20. Hello, Bonus Checking!

Our Checking20 account is one of our most popular products. With discounts given to bring the monthly fee down to $0 and cash bonuses that pay out monthly, it’s no wonder that this checking account has become a favorite with our members. But we felt like the name of this account didn’t quite capture the great features this account offers.

That’s why on September 1st our Checking20 account will become Bonus Checking. Bonus Checking remains chock-full of the fantastic features that have made it so popular – like identity theft monitoring, cell phone protection, rewards debit card, and Spirit Debit Rewards to help us give back to our local students and partner schools. If you are currently a Checking20 member, there are no steps for you to take to continue to enjoy these fantastic benefits!

Another great perk of Checking20 is the monthly cash bonuses deposited directly into your account. After the name change, you can still earn up to $20 each month— over the course of a year that can add up to $240! We have retooled the bonuses slightly, and as of September 1st, the following adjustments will take effect:

  • The $2 Credit Card Bonus will be earned when your Texas Trust credit card is in good standing and was used to perform a purchase transaction during the statement month.
  • You can now earn up to three $6 Consumer Loan Bonuses each month. Each will be earned when the qualifying loan balance was greater than $10,000 on the last day of the month; qualifying loans include personal (signature), vehicle, boat, RV, and motorcycle loans.
  • A $12 Mortgage Bonus will be earned when the mortgage balance was greater than $60,000 on the last day of the month and the mortgage is being serviced by Texas Trust.

The maximum possible monthly bonus payment will remain $20.

We also made a slight change regarding the fee discounts of this account:

  • The “Paperless Statement” fee discount was replaced with an “Online Communication & Banking” discount. If you haven’t already claimed this discount, do so by accepting the “Online Service E-Sign Disclosure and Consent” the next time you sign into Online Banking.

Our motto at Texas Trust is to Build Brighter Financial Futures. By offering accounts such as Bonus Checking, we continue to live up to our promise of providing the best financial products for our members. New name, same great perks. Look for the change to happen on September 1st!